Stamp Catalogue

China Philately Vol. III

Private Markings

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Description: 1902, envelope to San Francisco "per S.S. Nippon Maru", franked with 10c ultramarine (2) with "CBIAC" triangular security h.s. and one 10c additionally (late fee), tied by "San Francisco Cal." oval h.s., showing straight-line "Paquebot" h.s. in violet adjacent /
Condition: Envelope toning around.
Note: CBIAC = Chartered Bank of India Australia & China.
Auction: Zurich Asia / Hong Kong 2004
Minimum bid: HK$ 2,000.00
Hammer price: HK$ 6,900.00

Quan Yick & Co. Commission Merchants Hong Kong

Description: 1903, (c.) envelope (210 x 120mm) to San Francisco (Jan 26) "Per S.S. Hong Kong Maru" via Nagasaki (Jan 6) and Yokohama (Jan 8), franked with "$1 on 96c" grey-black with Chinese characters surcharge, cancelled by oval "Quan Yick & Co. Commission Merchants Hong Kong" cachet in puple and showing framed "Paquebot" h.s. in violet /
Condition: Envelope a little reduced at left abd stamp some foxing around perfs.
Note: Yang 51a; S.G. 52a.
Auction: Zurich Asia Limited / Hong Kong 2001
Minimum bid: HK$ 4,000.00
Hammer price: HK$ 8,050.00