Stamp Catalogue

China Philately Vol. III

Incoming and Transit Mail

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Kiel to Hong Kong

Description: 1873 Mar 4, cover from Kiel to Hong Kong, franked with large shield 1/3gr dark green (type b), 1/2gr, 1gr and 2 1/2 gr (4), cancelled by "Kiel" double-ring d.s. /
Condition: Cover with traces of use and horizontal slight crease.
Note: Singel rate to Hong Kong, via England (11 3/3 groschen). Certificate Sommer.
Auction: 284th Schwanke & Sohn / Germany 2003
Minimum bid: EUR 5,500.00
Hammer price: EUR 4,950.00

Hamburg to Hong Kong

Description: 1875 Feb 4, cover from Hamburg to Hong Kong, franked with large shield 1gr, 5gr (2) and "2 1/2 on 2 1/2gr" in combination with 1875 pfennige 3pf, cancelled by "Hamburg" horeshoe d.s., showing "P.D" in red /
Condition: The letter was cleaned and a horizontal slight crease smoothed (touched three stamps).
Note: Double rate to Hong Kong, via Brindisi (14 1/2 groschen). 1 groschen was paid by the German Post with the 3pf.
Auction: 315th Kohler Wiesbaden / Germany 2002
Minimum bid: EUR 1,000.00
Hammer price: EUR 2,700.00