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Foochow to Germany

Description: 1874 Feb 28, commercial envelope from the "Empire German Consulat in Foochow" (white-blue label on reverse) via Brindisi (Apr 10) to Lübeck, showing on reverse "Foochowfoo A" (Feb 2) c.d.s in blue, franked with 24c green, cancelled "B62" with matching "Hong Kong C" c.d.s. on reverse /
Condition: Envelope with tear.
Note: Cover with desinfected double-line cancellation from "Brindis" and two slits.
Auction: 90th Wuerttembergische / Germany 2004
Minimum bid: EUR 1,200.00
Hammer price: EUR 1,950.00

Foochow to the U.S.A.

Description: 1874 Sep 29, envelope to Massachusetts via San Francisco, franked with 8c brownish orange, cancelled "B62", showing on reverse "Foochowfoo A" c.d.s. in blue, on front with "Hong Kong Paid All C" and "San Francisco Paid All" c.d.s. both in red /
Auction: Zurich Asia / Hong Kong 2004
Minimum bid: HK$ 1,200.00
Hammer price: HK$ 1,495.00