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Canton via Amoy to Chinchow

Description: 1847 Aug 4, entire letter from Canton to "Captain S.A. Bumblecome, Schooner Petrel, Chinchow overland, via Overland Amoy", manuscript forwarder's endorsement "With Szun Muni & Cos Compliments, Amoy 2 Septr. 1847" on reverse, carried privately /
Auction: Zurich Asia / Hong Kong 2004
Minimum bid: HK$ 1,200.00
Hammer price: HK$ 7,475.00

Boston via London to Amoy

Description: 1858 Mar 30, envelope to Amoy via London (Apr 12), showing "Boston B. Pkt. Paid" c.d.s. in red and "Hong Kong" double arc d.s. on reverse, rated "33" (1/2 ounce rate to China) and the "28" for British credit /
Condition: Envelope reduced at top and tear at top right corner.
Auction: Zurich Asia / Hong Kong 2004
Minimum bid: HK$ 1,200.00
Hammer price: HK$ 978.00

Amoy to England

Description: 1860 Oct 22, envelope with letter enclosed from Amoy to England via Marseilles, bearing red "Amoy Paid A" c.d.s., with Hong Kong and arrival backstamp /
Condition: Fine.
Auction: David Feldman / Switzerland 1997
Minimum bid: CHF 800.00
Hammer price: CHF 1,800.00

Amoy to Scotland

Description: 1860 Nov 10, pre-adhesive envelope from Amoy via Southampton to Scotland (1861 Jan 2), "Amoy Paid A" c.d.s. of despatch, framed "Paid" applied in Hong Kong, London Paid transit, manuscript "5" and "6" ratings, all in red; Hong Kong transit backstamp /
Note: Webb recorded only eight covers with a pre-adhesive use of the "AMOY PAID" c.d.s. From the colection of Ryohei Ishikawa.
Auction: SOTHEBY'S and CORINPHILA in association / Hong Kong 1997
Minimum bid: HK$ 6,000.00
Hammer price: HK$ 11,500.00

Amoy to Philippines

Description: 1865 July 5, entire letter via Hong Kong (blue c.d.s. on reverse) to Manila, franked with 1863-71 8c orange pair, cancelled by "B62" in blue and "Amoy Paid A" (July 5) c.d.s. in red, showing tax mark "1" on front /
Condition: Cover vertical filing crease with small tear at bottom and one stamp slight corner crease.
Note: Accounting to Webb only 13 covers have beeb recorded in the adhesive period.
Auction: 310th Kohler Wiesbaden / Germany 2000
Minimum bid: DEM 2,000.00
Hammer price: DEM 6,400.00