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CHINA (Chihtsün) / HONG KONG

Description: 1912, double registered cover from Chihtsün, Yunnan to Hong Kong, franked with overprint 5c and two copies 4c, cancelled by 'CHIHTSÜN/YUNNAN 1.9.12' native c.d.s. in combination with CIP 1c & 10c blue, tied by pa-kua cancellations of Hokow with 'HOKOW 1 OCT 12' c.d.s. alongside, boxed register mark CHIHTSÜN and manuscript 'AR', arrival mark of Oct 1, upon control in Hokow P.O., 11c postage were found missing and added, and the pa-kua cancellation of Hokow used to cancel the adhesives /
Note: The Hokow P.O. was one of three, opened 1901 Dec 10, previously assumed to have never used the pa-kua cancellation, but their strikes exists on the famous 'Pa-Kua Impression sheet'. The actual cover states the existence and its usage.
Auction: 297th Köhler Wiesbaden / Germany 1998
Minimum bid: DEM 8,000.00
Hammer price: DEM 14,500.00


Description: 1914, red-band cover from Shwancheng to Kirin, franked on reverse with 3c and used , with 5c Postage Due on front, unusual red overprint, tied by SHWANCHENG native c.d.s. /
Condition: Very fine
Auction: Cherrystone / USA 2000
Minimum bid: US$ 1,500.00
Hammer price: US$ 1,500.00