Stamp Catalogue

China Philately Vol. II

Chinese Imperial Post C.I.P.

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DOMESTIC MAIL Huchow to Tientsin

Description: 1902 October, red-band cover from Huchow via Shanghai to Tientsin, franked with 1c ochre, cancelled by bilingual IMPERIAL POST OFFICE HUCHOW, vermilion letter box marking 'Huchow/5' and single line 'No. 82 sub office' alongside, Tientsin arrival mark of Oct 29 /
Note: Ex Peter Shek; signed J. M. Kee
Condition: Cover part of red-band missing; horizontally fold
Auction: 299th Köhler Wiesbaden / Germany 1998
Minimum bid: DEM 1,500.00
Hammer price: DEM 2,100.00

DOMESTIC MAIL Kaifengfu to ?

Description: 1902, red-band envelope, franked with 1c, tied by KAIFENGFU/P.O. tombstone handstamp with three tombstone transit handstamps of Suichien, Kweihwa and Shuchow, Tsinkiangpu dollar chop c.d.s., Shanghai and Soochow bisect c.d.s. /
Auction: Zurich Asia Limited / Hong Kong 2001
Minimum bid: HK$ 6,000.00
Hammer price: HK$ 7,475.00

DOMESTIC MAIL Kaifengfu to Wuchang

Description: 1903, registered red-band envelope, franked with 2c, 5c (2) and 10c (paying 22c double registered rate), tied by oval IMPERIAL CHINESE POST OFFICE KAIFENGFU datestamp with Hankow transit and Wuchang arrival backstamps /
Auction: Zurich Asia Limited / Hong Kong 2001
Minimum bid: HK$ 5,000.00
Hammer price: HK$ 3,325.00