Stamp Catalogue

China Philately Vol. III

Destination France

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Hu-Guang to Lyon

Description: 1855 June 18, missionary letter from Hu-Guang to Lyon, bearing the earliest recorded use of the red boxed "Colonies Art-18" /
Note: 1843 Anglo-French convention. Scarce usage of this the rarest of the accountancy markings only in use for one year. There is no explanation for the 7 months between Hu-Guang and Hong Kong, possibly caused by the Taiping Rebellion (1850-64).
Condition: Very fine.
Auction: David Feldman / Switzerland 1997
Minimum bid: CHF 1,400.00
Hammer price: CHF 1,900.00

Shanghai to Lyon

Description: 1856 May 12, folded entire from Shanghai via Hong Kong and Marseilles to Lyon, bearing small red double framed "Paid" applied on pre-paid mail transiting through Hong Kong, rated "2/" to Alexandria and "32" decimes Alexandria to Lyon /
Note: 1843 Anglo-French convention, accountancy marking.
Condition: Fine.
Auction: David Feldman / Switzerland 1997
Minimum bid: CHF 300.00
Hammer price: CHF 200.00

Canton to Paris

Description: 1856, cover from Canton to Paris forwarded to Hong Kong, with split circle transit and single-ring crown circle "Paid at Hong Kong" in red, routed via Marseilles, where "10" (decimes) due marking was applied & forwarded to Paris /
Condition: Very fine.
Auction: Cherrystone 1999
Minimum bid: US$ 600.00
Hammer price: US$ 550.00

Hong Kong to Reims

Description: 1863 Nov 30, entire to France (1864 Jan 9), showing on reverse "Hong Kong C" c.d.s. in blue (type 13a, rare color) and on front "GB 1F 62 4/10c" diamond accountancy h.s. also in blue /
Condition: Very fine.
Auction: Zurich Asia / Hong Kong 2004
Minimum bid: HK$ 2,500.00
Hammer price: HK$ 3,220.00

Hong Kong to Marseilles

Description: 1859 Mar 14, entire letter from Hong Kong to Marseilles, showing on reverse "Hong Kong" double arc d.s. (type 7) across join, on front "Pays Etr. v. Suez Marseilles" (Apr 25) c.d.s. in red /
Auction: Zurich Asia / Hong Kong 2004
Minimum bid: HK$ 1,500.00
Hammer price: HK$ 1,840.00