Stamp Catalogue

China Philately Vol. I

Japanese Post Offices

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registered letter from Shanghai I.J.P.O. to Austria
envelope from Tengchowfoo to the USA
description: 1896 registered envelope 2s olive in additional franking with 1888/92 8s purple/red and 10s brown, tied by "SHANGHAI I.J.P.O. 7 NOV 96" from Shanghai via Yokohama to Austria /
condition: light crease well off the franking
auction: 296th Koehler / Wiesbaden
starting price: 500 DEM
hammer price: 580 DEM
description: 1898 Nov Tengchowfoo intaglio seal on an envelope to the United States, an envelope to the Foreign Mission Journal in Richmond with a superb impression of the POST OFFICE/TENGCHOWFOO intaglio seal, originally franked on the reverse with a Chinese adhesive which acted as a seal, but this has since been removed together with a small area of the flaps, transit marks of Shanghai, Yokohama and Vancouver, Richmond arrival of Dec 19, franked on the obverse with Japan 10s tied by a cds. of the I.J.P.O. in Shanghai /
examined: Peter Holcombe certificate 1989
auction: Sotheby's and Corinphila in association / Hong Kong 1997
starting price: HK$ 6,000 - 8,000
hammer price: HK$ 69,000

postcard from Foochow to Formosa with transit postmark TAMSUI TAIWAN JAPAN
registered envelope with MOUKDEN I.J.P.O. and transit postmark "I.J.P.O. 1 Mukden-Chang Chun South Manchuria"
description: 1899 registered picture envelope [Yamato Hotel] from Moukden, franked with 20s orange cancelled by "MOUKDEN-S 20.9.11" [Station postal agency], oval transit 'I.J.P.O. 1 MUKDEN-CHANG CHUN 20.9.11 SOUTH MAN CHURIA' /
auction: 296th Koehler / Wiesbaden
starting price: 800 DEM
hammer price: 3,000 DEM
description: 1905 Oct 1 picture postcard from Foochow to Formosa, franked with 1900/07 2s, tied by Foochow I.J.P.O. cds. of despatch, purple/red Amoy I.J.P.O. transit, TAMSUI TAIWAN JAPAN cds. of Oct in purple/red and a Taiwan arrival mark of the early type /
auction: Sotheby's and Corinphila in association / Hong Kong 1997
starting price: HK$ 4,000 - 6,000
hammer price: HK$ 6,900